Why should we learn foreign language

Why should we learn foreign language

Every single language that exists is unique.

Some are more universally spoken more often than others,

and some are not as popular.

Either way, being able to speak multiple languages can be a remarkable skill to acquire.

It is an invaluable skill to input in our resume.

And, important in job interviews in terms of impressing the interviewer.

I can speak and understand 4 languages but some languages that I speak are completely fluent.

As I grow older, I will always be a language learner even if I can’t be extremely articulate at it.

Why should we learn foreign language

Why should you learn language?

The majority of the people that I know are bilingual.

Most of my friends can speak two languages fluently.

Being bilingual can provide significant benefits to the human brain.

Even though, learning a new language can be a long painful process it is still very rewarding.

For instance, strengthening your language speaking ability can fill you with a sense of accomplishment.

Making yourself feel proud of the achievement and hard work.

Our brains are also going to be more active, engaged, and healthy during the learning process.


Why should we learn foreign language


Apart from having a healthy and challenged brain, there are also a number of benefits.

For example, people who speak more than two languages will be able to communicate with diverse people.

Being able to speak multiple languages can also be a valuable skill to input in our resume.

It can certainly help during a job interview when we want to impress the interviewer.


Why should we learn foreign language


As a young adult, I’m heavily intrigued by other cultures,  which is not surprising at all.

At times, it induces me into learning a new foreign language.

Lately, the language that’s been most interesting to me is Spanish.

This may be largely due to the influence of beautiful and catchy Spanish music.

But also because of the beautiful soothing Spanish accent.

For me personally, I find the Spanish culture extremely memorizing.

Their festivals are always so vivid and filled with pure joy.

But most importantly, Spanish people are always having a great time and that’s what matters the most.


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