Places for HK students to study | Ideal study place

Ideal study place

Ideal study place


Finding a relaxing, isolated, and chill environment to study in Hong Kong may be very hard. Especially due to the fact that Hong Kong is a populous city and land space is limited. As college students, finding an ideal study place is crucial to our studies. In this article, I will be stating a few places that I usually lean on when it comes to studying.


Ideal study place


The first option for students ~

As students, when thinking about where to study, the ideal study place that immediately pops into our head will be the library. Well, why not? The library might be old school but it’s a place meant for engaging with books and anything related to books.The environment is very peaceful and quiet, and lots of studious people will choose the library over many other places.Being in the library also has this effect on people, where they are psychologically forced into working hard because of the environment.

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Ideal study place


Coffee shops ~

Apart from the good old ordinary library, going to coffee shops such as Starbucks or Pacific coffee to study is also a great idea. The environment in a coffee shop is quite noticeably different from any library. In addition, the smell of coffee and other goodies may serve as distractions sometimes. I would only recommend coffee shops for occasions where talking is necessary, such as group discussions, presentation preparations, and group projects.


Ideal study place

Home sweet home ~

Last but not least, I would most definitely suggest doing some revision at home. Home is where the heart is, and being home provides flexibility, isolation from distraction, and convenience.When studying at home, some people may tend to slack offStudying at home can be boring and lethargic but it is the most effective place to get work done.


Ideal study place


Conclusion ~

Every student has his or her own subjective opinion on their ideal studying place. For me, the ones I mentioned above are my very own personal favorite.We all need a place to study if we want to succeed in our examinations.Sometimes it doesn’t matter where we study – our success depends on our will and attitude towards studying.


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