For me, taking my public exams was different from the local DSE curriculum.

Back in my secondary school, we had the choice of studying either the British A Levels or the local HKDSE exams. I did not want to deal with the overwhelming challenge of DSEs so I opted to go for A Levels, simply because it is so much easier to deal with. In addition to that, I was contemplating* studying overseas for further education and taking A Levels would’ve increased my chances of getting accepted abroad.尋補Tutor Circle introduce IGCSE and A-level to you.


do u know what is the different between IGCSE and A-level ?


IGCSE exams ~

Before moving on to my senior year, we had to take the IGCSE exams. IGCSEs were like a warmup before transitioning into A-Levels. The exams were less demanding and not too overwhelming.I was able to cover most of the materials with very lit or problems.The examination materials and syllabus were not broad or in-depth, it was just adequate* enough.


Dealing with exams


The real challenge ~

However, the transition from IGCSE to A-Levels was surprisingly tough.It was one of the toughest challenges I had ever faced.I along with a bunch of my friends really struggled. We didn’t pay a 100% effort into our exam preparation, so we paid the price. Most of the people in my circle attained results we weren’t necessarily anticipating and it really haunted* us. Eventually, in our final year, we all promised to work hard and study smart. We ended up with results we were satisfied with and it was a huge morale boost for us.


Dealing with exams


Who has it tougher?

In my opinion, students who take A-Levels have a slight advantage over DSE students. During study periods, we would use that free time to do some revision or engage in constructive discussions.    Also, we only had to take a minimum of 3 electives,or self-study an additional elective if we wanted to.This meant that it was easier to focus on the subjects we wanted to study and try our best to work hard on those.


English Corner:

  1. contemplate  (/ˈkɒntəmpleɪt/)          Verb
    To spend time considering a possible future action, or to consider one particular thing for a long time in a serious and quiet way
    盤算;沈思,冥想 考試  
  2. adequate  (/ˈæd.ə.kwət/)        Adjective
    Enough or satisfactory for a particular purpose
  3. haunted   (/ˈhɑːn.t̬ɪd/)        Adjective
    Showing signs of suffering or severe anxiety





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