Travel experience | My experience travelling

Travel experience | My experience travelling

Travel experience

My Traveling experience

Travel experience

Almost everybody in this world loves to travel,  I mean why not?

We all want to explore new places,  meet new people,  try and experience new things.

Although traveling is an expensive hobby,

it is very important because it can teach us all something new and make us more inquisitive.

In this article,  I will be talking about my traveling experience,

where I want to travel and my overall thoughts on traveling.

Travel experience

My traveling experience

For my traveling experience, I’ve only been to Singapore, Nepal, and India.

Not the most exciting trips but what mattered the most was the experience I obtained.

To me, the most memorable trip out of the three was to India.

It was a lot of fun and shocking to sum it all up.

On that trip, I was with my very close friends

and it helped a lot that I knew how to speak their language.

The overall environment there was just chaotic and the city was uncomfortably populated.

Despite it all,  I still had enormous amounts of fun there.

Mainly because it was similar to being back in Nepal.


Travel experience

My next traveling conquest

When it comes to traveling,

there are so many places that I would love to visit that its impossible to list them all out.

Although, there is a particular place I’ve had on my mind for my next travel experience 

And that would be Amsterdam.

I’m not sure if you guys have heard or been to Amsterdam

But the city is full of tourist spots and they are incredibly must-see and remarkable.

Amsterdam is also a very lenient city and the people are extremely friendly.

The only obstacle holding me back is the cost of going there,

Which is unfortunate of course as a young student. 



Travel experience

Why I think traveling is very important to people

As I’ve mentioned earlier,  I believe that traveling can present us with new experiences.

And it can also be a way for some people to relax and escape from reality.

Especially for students who go on graduation trips as a reward to themselves for working hard.

Nowadays, quite a number of students deal with enormous pressure and stress.

Which is why I think more students should go on grad trips to enjoy themselves and take a short break from reality.

Also, traveling exposes us to the culture and environment of other countries

and this will make us more appreciative of the different parts of the world. 


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