Learning in tutorials | Tutorial classes 

Learning in tutorials | Tutorial classes 

Learning in tutorials | Tutorial classes 

Learning in tutorials

Nowadays, it is highly normal for students to have some sort of tutorial classes for enhancing their academic results.

Many families and households will choose to find private tutors or enroll their child in a tutorial class.

They believe that spending and investing a bit more money in their child’s education will prove to be beneficial.

In this blog, I will be talking to you guys about the reasons for supporting and reasons against tutorial classes.

As a student, this very specific topic is quite interesting to me. 

Learning in tutorials

My experience with tutorials

Back when I was in high school, I never really had a private tutor to help with my studies.

For me, I would mostly rely on resources and materials provided by the internet.

The internet is an extremely useful tool in terms of finding information

And I made sure I was able to utilize that as efficiently as possible.

In addition to that, I also formed study groups with my classmates and my close friends.

This was also very attractive because we were all able to discuss topics we were unfamiliar with

And have fun studying at the same time.


Learning in tutorials

Reasons for and against tutorial classes

Seeking tutorial classes can definitely help the student to enhance his or her academic results,

Especially to those who are in desperate need of help

And this also helps to increase their chances of getting accepted into a University.

Receiving help from private tutors can also enable students to gain a bit of competitive edge over students who do not engage in private tutorials.

Learning in tutorials


However, there are also negative effects of private tuition.

One major drawback includes the added pressure and stress on the student.

In recent years, it has been quite unsurprising that a lot of students are dealing with academic pressure.

Because of this, having extra tutorial lessons may even worsen the situation and be counterproductive.

Also, students are overwhelmed with an abundance of materials every day in school.

Attending private classes afterschool can and will lead to information overload and even have negative consequences on the brain.




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