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qp 補習

qp 補習 – QP攻略,唔想重考注意事項

qp 補習 qp 補習 Qualification Programme,香港會計師資格考試, 由HKICPA(香港會計師公會)舉辦, 想成為執業會計師既必經之路,條路一啲都唔易行, 平均每年既合格率只有40%左右, 仲有好多人重考好多次不果,直頭放棄考牌, 每個accountant既背後都有一段不為人知既艱辛故事。 咁今次主要講返QP既考試,同埋分享下應付唔同卷既心得啦! banana bro透過成長,實現夢想。 分享俾你嘅朋友!

尋・學術, 尋・校園

CCCU Marketing

CCCU Marketing CCCU Marketing What is marketing? And why does it matter to numerous world-renowned companies? Well, in simplest terms, marketing is simply the process of a business selling and promoting the uniqueness of their goods and services to potential customers. The marketing department is…